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Friday, 29 March 2013


It is an bi-annual contest for interior design and architecture students. At the beginning of every semester, a project which could be a house, a restaurant, an office, etc. is presented and the participants are asked to design the interiors. The projects are always fictional; and a series of requirements should be fulfilled. For every contest there is a professional jury based on the country the project takes palce.
The current contest is called Snow Haven. The project to be designed is a house placed in the Aran Valley (Vall d’Aran), in the Catalan region, surrounded by 3,000-metres
peaks and more than 200 lakes.
For further details of the project, contest and the prize and jury, you can visit

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Hand made Architectural modeling still alive!

True Caribbean talent, Artist and Architect Kamaal Manboard proves his architectural talent by creating a hand made model for a Major resort "White Sands". See more of this project of facebook! More

Zlota 44 building in Warsaw on Ronen Bekerman

Some images for project of Zlota 44 building in Warsaw,Poland done by visual studio on Ronen, More!

Architects win wood design award

Architects win wood design award: Former Whistler firm now based in Squamish surprised by victory

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Apartment interior-Architectural visualization

Apartment interior is a new interior render completed by the vietnamese artist Ln Anh Thi. See the new set here on Behance.

Project De Alliantie | Villa Industria-George Nijland

See the new Interior architectural Visualizations from George Nijland on Behance

Evermotion just published Archinteriors vol. 29

Evermotion's Archinteriors vol. 29 includes 5 fully textured loft interior scenes. Every scene is ready to render with professional shaders and lighting and includes 3 camera setups.
New in this collection: every interior is fully created, not only in the camera views.
All scenes are prepared for V-ray 2.0 with 3dsmax 2010.
All presented renders are with postproduction. PSD files are included. More? then go!

Monday, 25 March 2013

FAUP Full Exterior Scene - FREE DOWNLOAD!

Metro Cubico Digital has now offered up a full 3D scene complete with plants and materials etc. See the link post on Chaosgroup and see the images on their website.Check it out! More.

Modeling the Mesa Table

New modeling tutorial from Viscorbel!  a must see.More

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Making of Scandinavian Summer House

Earlier this month, 3Dstudija studio posted their “Scandinavian Summer House” visuals on the forums and these immediately captured my attention. I’m not that familiar with the Scandinavian “Look & Feel”, but it sure reminded me of my Mediterranean local with a “Drop Dead Gorgeous” 3d Groundwork – Some of the best I’ve seen to date! I had a chat with the Maciulis Brothers, Matas & Antanas about this project and this article was born. Enjoy it.

Making of the museum by Bertrant Benoit!

I’m happy to introduce the making-of Bertrand Benoit‘s ‘The Museum’ 1st Runner Up Winner – ‘The Field Project’. Bertrand takes us through several stations in his process of making his work, starting with the concept and on with how he adds geometric and texture detail to the base model (actually – rebuilds most of it).More!

The Future of Architectural Visualization!

Zebra Imaging makes digitally-mastered, actively-animated, true-color, full-parallax holographic images. These holographic images are available in full color, or in monochrome (green). More

Friday, 15 March 2013

Modeling Buildings

Check out this tutorial from CGWORKSHOP, I have watched this a few times and I am still very impressed.More

Marvelous Designer tutorial: Modeling an Umbrella

Using Marvelous Designer software, we are able to model complex cloth materials very easily and this is a powerful software being used all over the 3d community for modeling such things as clothes, bed linning etc. give it a look More

New Realistic Plants for 3dsMax

E-on software has announced Plant Factory - the revolutionary new plant modeling and rendering technology designed to work with various CG applications. And now Let's take a look More